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Re: please document why a package has been dropped from Testing/Bullseye

On Sun, 9 May 2021 07:30:04 +0200
Harald Dunkel <harri@afaics.de> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> https://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=rsnapshot doesn't tell, so I wonder
> what is the recommended way to find out why rsnapshot (or any other package)
> has been dropped from Testing?

I was wondering what the easiest and most sensible way would be to find/share
this information. My first thought was feeding something like
'aptitude search ~o' into a script that checks for RM bugs in the bug tracker.
It seems like it would be an easy enough trigger to write, but it would be
time-consuming to run and would add a fair bit of load to the bug tracker.

> rsnapshot is still in Sid. I found #986709, of course, but this information
> should be much easier to access.

I should have asked that the removal include sid. For personal things, I've
been fairly happy with restic+b2 as a replacement. For servers, 

Michael Lustfield

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