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Re: Bug#988302: ITP: molotov -- create a bootable media from a Windows 10 iso image

Control: reassign -1 wnpp

On Lu, 10 mai 21, 01:15:21, Cézar wrote:
> Package: molotov
> Severity: wishlist
> Molotov is a command-line program that aims to make it easy to create 
> bootable flash drives on a Linux machine from a Windows 10 iso image. 
> It is licensed under the GPL and the source package can be found here:
> https://mentors.debian.net/package/molotov/
> This package also comes with two manpages currently translated to 
> English and Portuguese and is extremely lightweight and by lightweight 
> I mean that this program only depends on other programs that are 
> already installed on most distributions, that is, the grub bootloader 
> and the tools required for partitioning flash drives. That's it.
> However it's not all roses, Molotov depends on a Windows image to 
> work, it doesn't do anything by itself, the user is required to 
> download the image from the Microsoft's website and then use Molotov 
> for making the ISO bootable and that is why I recommend putting 
> Molotov in the **contrib** section of the Debian because it depends on 
> non-free software to work.
> So that's about it, I intend to package this program and make it 
> available for all the users in Debian.

Reassigning to correct (pseudo-)package.

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