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Re: Thanks and Decision making working group

On 2021/04/19 20:18, Daniel Leidert wrote:
> The vote was actually two votes:
> a) Should Debian respond publicly as a project? (the "if)
> b) How should such a response read? (the "how")

I agree with you, I've said something similar before, although instead
of saying it was two votes, I'd rather say it started out as a, and that
that was the initial intention of the GR, and then it morphed into b as
the additional options were added. Sam noted this phenomenon in his last
mail in this thread as a strategic abuse. I think it certainly could be
used as a strategic abuse and we should be weary of that, but I also
don't assign any bad intentions to the people who added options in this
particular vote, I don't think it was their intentions to purposely
change the nature of the vote in order to change the outcome of the
original vote, and I think it's more a failure of our process, but I
think in broad strokes we're about on the same page on this.


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