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Re: Thanks and Decision making working group (was Re: General Resolution: Statement regarding Richard Stallman's readmission to the FSF board result)

On 4/18/21 9:56 AM, Adrian Bunk wrote:

> Is it really still an open question whether Debian is a political
> project that has opinions on non-technical topics like the board of the
> FSF or the legal status of Taiwan, Palestine and Kosovo, or whether
> Debian is a technical project where people of diverse backgrounds and
> political opinions can work together on making a good distribution?
Excellent question.

From some online postings I have read and emails I have received on the
topic, there is a growing consensus that Debian on a whole is moving
from a quality software development organization to yet another angry
political leveraging machine.

So on this I would say perhaps that is a valid question to put forth and
to seek dialog and answers on. People on the outside are confused on the
matter, and I would put forth maybe a few on the inside as well.

Be well,

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