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Re: ***UNCHECKED*** Packages in contrib solely because they allow using non-free software

Quoting Dominik George (2021-04-08 12:50:12)
> > > But neither winetricks nor lutris are wrapper packages for 
> > > non-free programs — while they do allow installing and using 
> > > non-free software as well, they can be used for any kidn of game 
> > > or program, including free software. Lutris actually has explicit 
> > > support for quite a few games that are in Debian main.
> > 
> > Then it should be moved to main, same as OpenCL support was.
> The argument raised earlier, that although these games are DFSG-free, 
> they do not fulfill the requirement for Debian main being 
> self-contained holds, imho (lutris ignores the Debian packages and 
> installs copies of the games from who-knows-where).
> That is something that I dislike, independent of the main vs. contrib 
> discussion. If lutris gained support for the package system, and the 
> ability to install free games from the distribution's repository if 
> available, I think it should definitely be moved to main (I will 
> probably open a feature request upstream for that; it might not even 
> be too hard to implement).

It is acceptable for packages to bypass Debian package management system 
- many programming languages provide tools to use their 
language-specific pakcage distribution channels, bypassing 
general-purpose package managers like apt.

If you dislike the behaviour some package then don't install it.

If you think the behaviour of some package is generally disliked by 
Debian users, then raise it as a bug against the package.

If you think certain type of behaviour should always be disapproved by 
Debian (and it is not already covered by Debian Policy), then file a 
bugreport against Debian Policy.

 - Jonas

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