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Re: ***UNCHECKED*** Packages in contrib solely because they allow using non-free software


On 04.04.21 11:17, Dominik George wrote:

That surprised me. If a package is free software, in ful laccordance
with the DFSG, why is it put into contrib? I can see where this note
comes from — the package maintainer does not want to help people
install non-free software, a point of view that is famous with the FSF
and a reason for them to discourage a distribution.

It goes into contrib if it is useful only with non-free software. For example, OpenCL client tools used to be in contrib while it was necessary to install the nVidia or ATI drivers to get meaningful functionality out of them, but when Beignet came out and a free ICD driver for Intel GPUs was available, that meant that OpenCL runtime could go to main.

But neither winetricks nor lutris are wrapper packages for
non-free programs — while they do allow installing and using non-free
software as well, they can be used for any kidn of game or program,
including free software. Lutris actually has explicit support for quite a few
games that are in Debian main.

Then it should be moved to main, same as OpenCL support was.


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