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Re: debtags.debian.org tag vocabulary now editable by all DDs


On Mon, Apr 05, 2021 at 06:26:19PM +0200, Enrico Zini wrote:
>  * I need help with routine dput-ting of tag data
> I could still use help from one or more DDs, doing regular uploads of
> tags from the site to the archive.
> It means running a script that generates a source package, GPG-signing
> it, and uploading it with dput. It needs to be done once a month or so,
> and I regularly miss doing that. If you're interested, get in touch and
> we can go through the script to make it work on your system.

I don't remember if this happened, but did you try to get dak to pull
automatically (or the other way around: debtags pushing automatically)
during dinstall, like it's done by i18n?

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