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Re: Cancel "culture" is a threat to Debian

Am Di, Mär 30, 2021 at 12:15:54 +0200 schrieb Stephan Lachnit:
It's supposed to represent everyone who fights for a future where

You will never be able to represent everyone.

Calling for RMS to step back, and everyone who was involved in that decision, really has nothing to do with cancel culture. We as a project that believes that diversity and democracy is important should *at least* publish a statement addressing these issues without signing (e.g. like KDE or the FSFE).
Doing nothing is just straight ignorant, it's like saying "yeah we do
free software but we don't really care what *the* free software foundation does". It just doesn't fit together.

This is bullshit as well. The DFSG states that Debian software must be free for everyone, even it is used for evil purposes (like murder weapons). Any software with such upstream restrictions would be considered non-free. I consider this far worse than the RMS problem.

letter. There is no problem with that even if the project as a whole signs the opposite letter.

I wouldn’t be part of an organization that publishes such a letter.

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