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Re: cme now handles lintian-overrides (was: Re: About lintian)

Hi Dominique,

On Mon, Mar 22, 2021 at 05:19:10PM +0100, Dominique Dumont wrote:
> Once libconfig-model-dpkg-perl/experimental is installed on your system,  'cme 
> check dpkg' checks the contents of all lintian-overrides files and warn about 
> unknown tags.
> The command 'cme fix dpkg' replaces obsolete tags with new tag names.

Very cool!
> No other check is done on lintian-overrides files.
> I could also provide a cme command that would check only overrides files *only* 
> (i.e. 'cme fix lintian-overrides' would not touch all the other package files). 
> This could be useful as a lintian-brush script.
> Is this something Debian people would be interested in ?

Sounds interesting.

Thanks a lot for all your helpful work on cme



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