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Proposal: plocate as standard for bookworm


mlocate used to be Priority: standard; for some reason that I haven't been
able to unearth (despite the efforts of several people), there is now an
override for buster, so that it's no longer installed by default (and mlocate
now has an override disparity).

I do wonder if this was intentional or not, but it's a bit beside the point:
Now, there is plocate (written and maintained by myself). It is orders of
magnitude faster than mlocate (both on SSDs and HDDs alike), has the same
security model, a smaller database (typically half the size), and fixes
a few long-standing mlocate bugs. It is nearly fully command-line compatible
with mlocate, so most users should feel right at home. It builds on all
release and non-release architectures. The only non-Essential dependencies
are liburing1 (33 kB) and libzstd1 (670 kB).

I believe a good, fast locate is something that we should have in our base
install; it is fine to keep it out of the cloud image (as today), but it is
genuinely useful for both desktops and servers, and with a low cost.


/* Steinar */
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