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Re: DEP-14: renaming master to main?


Le 22/06/2020 à 05:50, Michael Biebl a écrit :
> If we deem that [whatever] is a better term, should we change the defaults
> in salsa/gitlab and maybe update DEP-14?

FWIW, I’d welcome such change, (almost) whatever name end up being used
instead of “master”. If we agree on such change and decide to address it
on our repositories before the rest of the community, and then later,
another name become the de facto standard, I don’t care that we end up
having to change another way around in the following years.

One or two changes in a few years laps of time is what we’ve been used
to in the last ten years anyway (be it internal Alioth changes, or the
recent salsa move). For once, I’d be happy to address such change for
“human” reasons, rather than being forced to for technical ones.



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