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Re: isc-dhcp-client sends DHCPDISCOVER *before* wpa_supplicant authenticates/associates/connects.

On Sun, 28 Jun 2020 at 12:06:02 +0100, Jaime wrote:
> I noticed that my debian wireless clients never get a DHCPOFFER from
> their first DHCPDISCOVER
> So it's clear that dhclient is sending out the first DHCPDISCOVER
> *before* wpa_supplicant has authenticated/associated/connected to the
> AP.

This is a property of whatever larger network management component
you are using that controls wpasupplicant and dhclient, which might be
NetworkManager, wicd, ifupdown, systemd-networkd (maybe? I'm not sure
whether it has wpasupplicant integration), your own code (shell scripts
or something), or something else. If you think that component (whatever
it is) is doing the wrong thing, please report a bug in it or talk to
its maintainers.

Debian does not require a specific network management component, although
some configurations of Debian have a default (for example, the GNOME
desktop recommends NetworkManager and works best with that). Typically
people use NetworkManager or wicd on portable devices, systemd-networkd
or ifupdown on servers, and either of those on desktops/workstations.


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