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Re: isc-dhcp-client sends DHCPDISCOVER *before* wpa_supplicant authenticates/associates/connects.

On Sun, 28 Jun 2020, Jaime wrote:
Given that this is guaranteed to fail, isn't it worth "not doing"? Is
there anyway that I can get dhclient to wait for a successful
connection *before* sending out any DHCPDISCOVERs? (In the wired
world, it doesn't make sense to issue a DHCPDISCOVER before plugging
the cable in.)

NetworkManager should be at least one such way. When the funciton supplicant_iface_state_cb is called with state NM_SUPPLICANT_INTERFACE_STATE_COMPLETED it will call nm_device_activate_schedule_stage3_ip_config_start that will end up starting dhclient only when wpa_supplicant has done its job.

At least last time I tried using ifupdown for wifi I hit all sorts of odd race conditions that probably still exist:


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