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Re: debdocker - A Debian docker-based personal builder

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for the reply and for pointing out other tools. Somehow i missed most of
them while searching for a container based builder. I ran only into a debocker
tool, which i did not understood well, initially. So at the moment i can only
superficially comment after a quick look at other projects (see below). Of
course other tools are more mature and probably more relevant at some corner
cases of package building, than debdocker currently is (i.e. package signing or
specific build arguments provided, ...).

Dne 27.06.2020 (sob) ob 13:28 +0200 je Jonas Smedegaard napisal(a):
> Quoting Samo Pogačnik (2020-06-27 12:08:30)
> > I am preparing a packaging support tool similar to pbuilder, except that it
> > uses
> > docker containers instead of chroot environments. The project is available
> > here:
> > https://salsa.debian.org/spog/debdocker
> How does it compare to whalebuilder?
Whalebuilder seems very similar in nature. I could not see, if it supports
building of a project out of its directory (without dsc file). Debdocker on the
other hand currently does not support disabled network during build (todo).

> Related is also debspawn.
The debspawn seems even more similar regarding features, however it uses
different kind of containers. If i compare 'debspawn login' and 'debdocker
enter' commands, debdocker allows for all three container types (base, devel,
and package_devel) to be entered (logged-in) on three levels: as root, as user
or as user with unlimited sudo permissions, which can be used for most generic
tasks in an isolated system of choice. Debdocker currently does not provide
command for running arbitrary commands (todo). Also signing of packages need to
be done out of the container at the moment.

>  - Jonas

regards, Samo

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