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Re: Bug#963799: ITP: gnome-metronome -- Simple Metronome application for the GNOME desktop

Hi Sudip,

Le 27/06/2020 à 16:28, Sudip Mukherjee a écrit :
> Hi Arnaud,
> ooi, there is a package "gtick" (https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/gtick)
> which is also a metronome and has a scale of 30bpm to 250bpm. How is
> 'gnome-metronome' different from 'gtick' ?

gnome-metronome has a more "modern", mobile-friendly UI than gtick,
making it a better fit for devices such as the PinePhone and Librem5.

Otherwise they're very similar, gnome-metronome lacks a few features
gtick has, but it's still a very young project.


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