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FTP-Master Review Process

Hello fellow masochists,
... err, I mean Debian Developers,

There has been a lot of talk lately about the FTP-Masters team and how some
issues should be fixed. Back in December, I alluded to a proposal that I was
working on. I hoped to get a little further into writing source prior to this
point, but life happens and now seems to be a much more appropriate time than

In my "proposal" [1], I outline the concerns that have been noted (from mailing
lists, IRC, and private discussions) and then provide a few potential solutions.

Although some source code exists, this is a discussion for later. I want to take
a very systematic and structured approach to this.

To outline...
 1. Identify a problem
 2. Evaluate the cause
 3. Consider solutions
 4. Evaluate the solution
    - Does it solve the problem?
    - Does it introduce new problems?
    - What will it take to implement?
    - Would any developer be willing to work on it?
    - Will it be maintainable in the long-term?
    - etc.
 5. Build some prototypes
 6. Re-evaluate the solution (copy #4)
 7. Finish design requirements
 8. Start building
 9. Lotsa testing
 10. Start discussing implementation

Note... I am using the term proposal because very little of what I put forth is
in any way a design document. It's just many thoughts tossed at a page that now
require critical review. (critical -- be picky, not rude)

Once the discussion is over (or degrades), I will begin writing a design
document. After complete, I will ask for additional comment and interested

Side note-
An important road block to be aware of is that implementing almost any of the
proposed solutions will require significant (time & effort) changes to the main
archive server. It will also likely require some legal counsel. I'll omit the
gritty details since this is mostly just FYI, but it's also worth considering
team size and availability (see: $current_issue) when it comes to implementation.

[1] https://salsa.debian.org/mtecknology/ftpmaster-proposal

Michael Lustfield

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