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Re: What to do when DD considers policy to be optional? [kubernetes]

 ❦ 24 mars 2020 14:18 +01, Julien Puydt:

>> There are other reasons, notably that you speed up builds by having
>> all the source code ready.
> Sorry, I don't know much about how go works, but : can't the developer
> just have the deps ready -- and just not commit them to the repo and
> not ship them?

These projects heavily rely on automated builds. Depending on platform,
it may or may not be easy to have shared cache for these builds. If they
have, you have to debug them as well. From their point of view, it's
simpler to deliver the artifacts with the rest of the source code.
Fast, simple and more reliable.

Moreover, the vendor directory is absolutely not a problem for Debian
(except for licensing where you would have to do a repack for stuff not
distributable). Debian just has to ignore the vendor directory and have
all the dependencies ready. The tooling around Go in Debian already
handles that. The problem is the number of dependencies.

> From what I have read in this thread, go developers seem to be about as
> sloppy as javascript ones : put junk together and throw it to the
> world...

That's not comparable. Go is not using micro-dependencies. However, they
don't have optional dependencies, so anything cloud-based has a lot of
dependencies to manage.
Make it clear before you make it faster.
            - The Elements of Programming Style (Kernighan & Plauger)

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