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Re: MBF? ftbs

On 22/03/20 at 20:32 +0100, Adam Borowski wrote:
> Hi!
> There's a bunch of packages that fail to repack their sources.  That is,
> "dpkg-buildpackage -S" fails in a clean environment.
> I've tested the entire archive, invoking:
>     sbuild -s --source-only-changes --no-arch-all --no-arch-any
> The list below includes all packages which fail the repack but don't FTBFS
> on a binary-only build (on amd64).
> I wonder what would be the appropriate severity: the Policy is clear, but no
> one filing bugs for failure to repack suggests it's nowhere bad enough to
> brandish the RC stick.


If it's considered severity: serious, I could add this to my archive
rebuilds to detect future regressions.

However, in several cases, it seems that the problem is that
sbuild does not install packages in Build-Depends-Indep when doing a
source-only build, and then fails when doing 'debian/rules clean'.
I wonder if that should be fixed in sbuild.


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