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Re: RFC: Replacing vim-tiny with nano in essential packages

On 2020-03-17 07:36:23, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:


> > As far as priorities, whatever the project/ftp-masters decide is fine
> > with me.  I've wanted to drop vim-tiny altogther, but that's been met
> > with resistance.
> Sounds like dropping vim-tiny and replacing it with vi from busybox
> would be a good approach to fix this particular issues, doesn't it?

Yes, I think this is most sensible thing to do.
We're already having both (busybox and vim) in basic setup and looks like vim
even in tiny version is adding maintenance overhead we don't need.
Keeping compatibility with vim is something lots of people used to, so I'd hope
that keeping it will help us to avoid people complaining too much.

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