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Re: Is running dpkg-buildpackage manually from the command line forbidden?

Hi Daniel,

On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 08:50:25AM -0800, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> However, I've been getting push back on some of these, with
> maintainers of the opinion that it isn't actually a bug.  So, I
> thought I'd consult here to get more opinions on whether these are
> true bugs, or whether I'm at fault for trying to run dpkg-buildpackage
> manually instead of using it through pbuilder or sbuild.

Given that I'm also bootstrapping Debian (in a different setting), I'm
running into much the same problems. However, when I file bugs about
build failures in non-standard environments, I don't receive the
push-back that you describe. I cannot reproduce your experience. It's a
rare thing for maintainers to tell me that I'm filing a non-bug and I do
file a *lot* of bugs. Could it be that your sample is very small or
biased? Maybe you can give examples?

In any case, the consensus seems to be that FTBFS in a non-standard
environment is a bug, but not an RC one. And in general, you get to
discuss less with maintainers if your bug includes a patch. ;)


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