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Re: Deprecating regex/fnmatch fallback for package arguments, and 1.9.6 highlights

On Thu, Jan 16, 2020 at 01:15:29PM +0000, Paul Wise wrote:

> > No, did I give that impression? Sorry, search is going to stay
> > with regex on (I think it's) package names and descriptions.
> Speaking of search, are the apt maintainers aware of apt-xapian-index
> and do you have any thoughts on it?

Speaking as the original author of apt-xapian-index, I orphaned it some
time ago, since nobody's ever built anything, to my knowledge, on top of
its index[1].

I assume that the various package management UIs that we have now, are
building their own indices on top of appstream metadata, possibly with
the advantage of it being independent from the underlying packaging


[1] I went as far as prototyping and sharing a market web UI kind of
    prototype at the time, then I stopped:
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