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Re: Debian, so ugly and unwieldy!

Thomas Goirand:
> On 6/10/19 8:46 AM, Niels Thykier wrote:
>> However, at no point in this, can I understand how highlighting disdain
>> for certain people (or what their "title") would help with anything in
>> this endeavour (or any other cause for that matter).  From my PoV, it
>> just seems needlessly unprofessional and hostile towards others - plus
>> now we get to spent time dissecting that rather than focusing on what
>> you wanted to change.
> In general, IMO we're on a trend of too much policing. This sub-thread
> is a good example of what I'd like not to happen.
> Adam explained why he hated the "UX designers", explaining what he
> disliked in their creations. I don't think the goal was to be "hostile
> towards others" but rather "hostile towards a style of design".
> Therefore, I'm very much fine with what he wrote.
> Please get past the words he used to get his real meaning: I found the
> way he expressed it very powerful. It made me understand why I so much
> hate the Material design trend, which I didn't get until I read these lines.
> Cheers,
> Thomas Goirand (zigo)

If the initial mail had focused on "Material design" as its object of
concern rather than "UX designers" then:

 * It would still have help you understand your concerns about Material
   - I note that your hate is about Material design and not UX people.
     This distinction makes a huge difference for me.

 * It would not have alienated every UX designer in the world including
   those that use other principles than "Material design".

 * It would have reduced or avoided this sub-thread, which would have
   lead to considerable better focus of our energies and less wasted
   time discussing its content.
   - While I do not personally understand the need for using "I hate X",
     the use of "I also hate with a passion Material design" in itself
     would not have triggered a mail from me.

If we do not agree on the above, then consider this a "agree to
disagree" remark from me (to save a round trip costing time from every
subscriber on d-d).


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