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Re: fuse -> fuse3

On Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 11:03:34PM +0100, Oibaf wrote:
> The package fuse3 is available since awhile in sid/buster.
> Their users however are still using old fuse (v2), e.g. sshfs-fuse.
> According to this:
> https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=912528
> fuse3 is not co-installable with fuse, but a patch is available.
> So is there a chance this get fixed and sshfs-fuse and other package can be
> updated to use fuse3 for buster?

Thanks for mentioning it!  I didn't even *know* about the existence of
fuse3.  Is libfuse3 API compatible with fuse2?  In other words, is it
just a recompile away for e2fsprogs to be able to produce a fuse2fs
binary that works with fuse3?

If so, I wonder if we would be better off renaming libfuse3-dev to
something like fuse-dev?  That would mean that people who just
recompiled their packages would pick up fuse3 support.  It would also
make it easier for people like myself, who try to make e2fsprogs and
its debian packaging trivially backportable to stable, old-stable, and

Well, it would still be annoying in the short-term, since I'll have to
teach my scripts how to generate a different debian/control from
debian/control.in so that we use libfuse2-dev for pre-Buster, and
libfuse3-dev or fuse-dev for Buster+.  But if we chase things so that
it's fuse-dev for Buster+. in the future it will be easier to support
debian packaging trivially for muliple Debian releases.


					- Ted

P.S.  If fuse3 and fuse are not co-installable, we really should have
managed this as a formal buster migration earlier.  Oh, well, water
under the bridge, but we're going to have to move briskly before the
Debian Buster transition freeze of January 12, 2019.  :-/

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