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Re: Conflict over /usr/bin/dune

On 18/12/2018 17:48, Ian Jackson wrote:
Ian Jackson writes ("Re: Conflict over /usr/bin/dune"):

Under the circumstances it seems obvious that, at the very least, the
ocaml build tool should not be allowed the name /usr/bin/dune.

I agree, the name space is clearly already ocupied and even whitedune is on thin ice.


I just checked and `odune' seems to be available.  For a build tool a
reasonably short name is justified.  The `o' prefix is often used with
ocaml and though there is of course a risk of clashes with both
individual programs and with some suites like the old OpenStep stuff,
it seems that `/usr/bin/odune', odune(1) et al, are not taken.
Sounds like a very reasonable solution

HTH.  I know this may just be seen as my usual opinion in these
Judgement of Solomon cases and that the underlying policy is
controversial.  But whenever something like this happens and causes a
major stink, it serves to demonstrate to others what they want to, and
can, avoid.

No you have simply put into words my thoughts...  +1


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