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Re: Conflict over /usr/bin/dune

Am 18.12.2018 um 18:48 schrieb Ian Jackson:
> But overall I think this, plus the history of the ocaml program's
> name, does demonstrate that the ocaml program's claim to the overall
> software name `dune', and the command name `dune' is incredibly weak.
> I just checked and `odune' seems to be available.  For a build tool a
> reasonably short name is justified.  The `o' prefix is often used with
> ocaml and though there is of course a risk of clashes with both
> individual programs and with some suites like the old OpenStep stuff,
> it seems that `/usr/bin/odune', odune(1) et al, are not taken.

But then again it's a build tool that actually needs to be called its
name on the console (just like the node mess). whitedune is a GUI
program that could have any name as long as it's obvious from the
desktop metadata and in fact its webpage disappeared and it hasn't seen
a new upstream version since 2011. And the C++ library doesn't seem to
have a CLI name claim at all.

I suppose it's mostly the point that we package all free software on the
planet that we become an arbiter of names. But we should try not to be
that if we can avoid it.

Kind regards
Philipp Kern

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