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Re: Sending using my @debian.org in gmail

On Sat, 1 Dec 2018 01:10:22 -0500, Anthony DeRobertis
<anthony@derobert.net> wrote:
>That honestly sounds like building a parallel system with at least as 
>much complexity as gpg, just to prevent a largely non-existent problem 
>(forged emails — the whole thread has been about its possible, but no 
>reports of it happening). Of course, gpg is also a better (from a 
>security standpoint) and more widely-supported solution. Which is 
>already deployed in Debian.

This discussion usually happens in companies when one of the directors
gets spam forged from their own company mail address. They then
proceed to ask why it is possible that total strangers can send mail
with company senders. They then demand that action must be taken to
prevent this, which usually breaks a multitude of production systems
in the process and cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages.

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