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Re: Sending using my @debian.org in gmail

On 11/30/18 6:18 PM, Paul Wise wrote:
I've experienced spammers brute-forcing SMTP submission credentials
and using that to send spam before, so I think that mitigating that
using client-side TLS certs should be required, just as we do for SSH
access to Debian machines. I'm not sure how many MUAs support that but
MTAs do so using a local MTA to forward messages could be a
reasonablish workaround.

That honestly sounds like building a parallel system with at least as much complexity as gpg, just to prevent a largely non-existent problem (forged emails — the whole thread has been about its possible, but no reports of it happening). Of course, gpg is also a better (from a security standpoint) and more widely-supported solution. Which is already deployed in Debian.

Though, for the record, it appears both Mutt and Thunderbird support TLS client certificates.

Or you could just require strong passwords :-/

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