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opa-ff patch-queue


I've been looking into updating opa-ff to the upstream
release and have some questions about the patch-queue process
specified in d/README.source, which references DEP-14.

The document states that the upstream tag should be merged to the
patch-queue/debian/master branch. However, after doing that and
executing gbp pq export, it generates a patch that upgrades the source
to the latest version, since gbp-pq sees the merge commit.

The process I've found that "works" is:
1) Merge the upstream tag to debian/master.
2) Refresh the existing patches and fix any conflicts.
3) Execute gbp pq switch.

At this point, debian/master is merged to patch-queue/debian/master.
patch-queue/debian/master now contains d/patches and each patch has to
be applied and the changes committed to git.

Also, it appears that the patch-queue/debian/master branch was dropped
and recreated by the gbp-pq export command, as the previous commits to
that branch are now removed.

I stopped here, as this didn't really feel quite right. There doesn't
appear to be a lot of supporting documentation for the gbp pq

Can someone point me to a document or clarify how this process is
supposed to work, regarding the rebase of the patch-queue branch to
the latest release and exporting the updated patches?

Brian T. Smith
System Fabric Works
Senior Technical Staff
GPG Key: 0xB3C2C7B73BA3CD7F

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