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Re: tracking OpenGL support for specific boards

On 28/11/18 1:19 am, bret curtis wrote
>> Great that you collected that dataset, and put it public.
>> What would help further would be for such information having references
>> to sources, and each information point be referencable (not only the
>> dataset as a whole).
> Isn't this already done for us here?
> https://gpuinfo.org/
> If anything, it should be used to fill in that list.

Great data, thanks. I'll add that.
I basically used data from the Khronos website to point me in a general
direction and then I used manufacturers specifications to fill in the
GL/GLES columns.

> Many of those chipsets you list, as I understand, have a mesa driver
> for them that support opengl and gles.
> Such as freedreno which supports Mali A4XX series. https://mesamatrix.net/
> Keep in mind, only the proprietary drivers seem to not support opengl
> while the hardware is perfectly capable of doing so.

Not necessarily.
If the manufacturer specifies OpenGL ES support, then - on the hardware
level - it is a GLES renderer and may or may not support the entire
OpenGL specification natively. It usually requires considerable work to
make GLES hardware support OpenGL.
Eric Anhold can tell you all about the hard work he has put into
bastardising his VC4 mesa driver to make up for the lack of hardware


Hope that helps,

> Cheers,
> Bret

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