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Re: tracking OpenGL support for specific boards

> > https://github.com/Re4son/kali-gemini-multistrap-config/raw/files/Arm64List.xls
> >
> > Any feedback, correction and addition that could benefit this discussion would be appreciated.
> Great that you collected that dataset, and put it public.
> What would help further would be for such information having references
> to sources, and each information point be referencable (not only the
> dataset as a whole).

Isn't this already done for us here?

If anything, it should be used to fill in that list.
Many of those chipsets you list, as I understand, have a mesa driver
for them that support opengl and gles.
Such as freedreno which supports Mali A4XX series. https://mesamatrix.net/

Keep in mind, only the proprietary drivers seem to not support opengl
while the hardware is perfectly capable of doing so.


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