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Re: wicd-daemon-run_1.0_amd64.changes REJECTED

Russ Allbery writes ("Re: wicd-daemon-run_1.0_amd64.changes REJECTED"):
> I think a command would work for that case as well.  What I'm imagining
> would look something like this:

Stepping back a bit I think the ideal situation is this:

 * All packages have sysvinit scripts for compatibility.

 * Some packages have metadata for additional init systems,
   including systemd and/or runit.

 * When runit-INITSYSTEM is installed (where INITSYSTEM is sysvinit or
   systemd), and a package is installed that provides runit metadata,
   the daemon is run via runit.

 * When runit-init is installed, obviously, the runit metadata is
   used for packages that provide runit metadata.

 * Packages might provide `sysvinit scripts' which actually work
   via runit, and Depend on runit (but not runit-init).  That is fine
   since they will work with all init systems.

> - If runit-init is installed, it installs a trigger that runs the command
>   for any change to the runit metadata directory.  That command sets up
>   the users, runit configuration, and does whatever other actions are
>   needed to maintain a consistent system.

I think some of this should be done by runit-INITSYSTEM packages too,
since in those cases the daemon should be run via runit and all the
things should be set up.

> Note that a lot of the runit metadata can probably be derived from
> systemd units for services that have unit files.  For example, if
> the systemd unit runs the daemon as a different user, runit can
> probably use the same user, and the systemd unit may well also run
> the daemon in the foreground since systemd prefers that for the same
> reasons runit does.  So it's conceivable that you could get out of
> shipping explicit runit data for a lot of packages, or ship
> something that just notes that the unit file can be autoconverted.
> This would cut down on the maintenance burden of the primary package
> maintainer a lot.

It might be worth doing this as a dh_* command.  It is generally
better to do these things at build time where a greater variety of
tooling is available, and debugging is easier, than shipping input
files to be converted on end user systems.

Cf the emacsen compilation stuff, which I was just debugging a
package's interaction with yesterday.  I understand why it is that way
and I don't want to change it, but we should avoid that approach where
we can.


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