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Re: Re: wicd-daemon-run_1.0_amd64.changes REJECTED

sorry for the extended quote, it's for reference in the debian-runit
mailing list (i'm subscribed there and you drop the CC)

Ansgar Burchardt:
>We generally try to avoid tiny packages in the archive; having 1000+
>automatically generated source and binary packages in the archive seems
>like a suboptimal solution.

> Neither systemd, sysvinit or upstart required extra binary packages.

But none of the above is a process supervisor that can run under another init system.

>As a possible alternative: ship the runscript and some metadata (which
>systemd service(s) and/or sysvinit script(s) this corresponds with;
>which system users would be needed; ...) either in the service package
>(preferred long-term) or a "runscripts" package (maybe easier for
>initial experiments).

>Then have runit provide a command that creates the system users, sets up
>the runit service and disables the systemd service (which I think was
>still missing from the *-run packages).

That will work for runit-init, but what about runit-sysv and runit-systemd?
Let's say I have systemd (as init), runit-systemd and a foo daemon installed;
and 'runscripts' package ship a run script for foo. How can I detect if the user wants to
manage foo with runit or with systemd?

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