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Re: usrmerge -- plan B?

On Nov 26, Marc Haber <mh+debian-devel@zugschlus.de> wrote:

> I would be willing to do this on production systems that can easily be
> snapshotted and reverted in no time during an upgrade change, such as
> VMs. Unless forced to, I'd rather not touch systems running on bare
> metal and would need a restore-from-backup should usrmerge fail.
So far the worst case of "usrmerge failure" can be fixed by 
deleting/moving some files (that were installed by you) and then running 
the program again. There has never been any case which required 
reinstalling/restoring a system on which the conversion program failed 
and I cannot think of why this could ever be needed.
In other words, you are concerned about failure modes which have never 
happened and that nobody has been able to explain how they may happen in 
the future.

> I'd really like Debian to take special care to not break my systems
> and to not expose them to unnecessary risk. Customers have been moving
> away from Debian towards Enterprise Linux for cheesy reasons (first we
> didn't update fast enough, now we're updating too fast, and there is
> no support for Debian, Debian uses systemd etc bla foo), the forced
> usrmerge would add to those.
Either they want an enterprise distribution or they want a distribution 
without systemd and merged-/usr, but they cannot have both...
Since merged-/usr makes Debian more similar to enterprise distributions 
it would be a good thing for this kind of customers.


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