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Re: Debian CI pipeline for Developers

Hi Inaki,

El 15/11/18 a les 18:04, Inaki Malerba ha escrit:


>> - I can only make CI with the master branch (or I don't know how to do it in
>> other branches). How can I activate it in other branches differents than master?
> How did you define the yaml? If you use the one on the example, it
> should run on every pipeline. Maybe you should rebase the branches?
>> - Can I set a CI yaml file different by branch? one for unstable, one for
>> stable, etc?

> We decided that the provided example is the easiest way to run. On the
> branches for other releases, ej. backports, you should modify the
> `expand` key to build for a different debian release.
> Another possibility is to create more than one build job on the yaml
> file and use the `only`[1] keyword to filter the branches and have
> different pipelines depending on the branch name. It would look
> something like this:
> ```
> [..]
> build unstable:
>     extends: .build-unstable
>     except:
>         - /^stretch-.*$/
> build stretch:
>     extends: .build-stretch
>     only:
>         - /^stretch-.*$/
> ```
> This example is only illustrative. Using that, `build unstable` would
> run on all the branches except those whose name starts with `stretch-`,
> where `build stretch` will be triggered.

Sorry if I made stupid questions, but should I have yaml file in all the

I suppose that my problem is that I don't understand completely the
process. Let me summarize the process and maybe you can help me (and
others I hope ...)

Imagine that I have a package foo maintained in salsa. This package has
master, upstream, pristine-tar, experimental, stretch. And I would like
to test with CI.

From the README I understand that I create the yaml file and I put it in
the debian directory. If I put it the root directory the package doesn't
build because the builder found differences between the git and the orig.

I configure the project in the settings menu -> CI /CD -> General
pipelines pointing to this file. I cannot set the branch.

After what? If I go CI/CD I can only access to an screen with Help?.

Please, could check all the steps in a new project and explain a recipe?

The only way that I have found to by pass this option is to create again
a .gitlab-ci.yaml file, then a pipeline is created and after change the
yaml file. But only the build is done in the master branch not in all

I'm sorry if I insist because from my point of view is not an obvious
procedure and it could be very useful.



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