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Re: salsa.debian.org: merge requests and such

Hi Matthew,

> Relatedly, what's the etiquette about commits to master? I
> recently discovered that someone else had pushed a commit to
> the tip of master of one of the packages I maintain (and not
> notified me); when I complained I was told that emailing would
> be too much effort. Am I wrong to feel that at least a MR is
> something I should have expected as a package maintainer, not
> just commits to master?

That's where protected branches come to the rescue: you can
protect the master branch so people have to send a merge
request. Usually the rules don't apply to debian group because
all DD are maintainers in the group and maintainers can write
to master. But the repo settings can be set so nobody can write.
OTOH, protected branches may be a burden for maintainers making
mass commits to fix URLs, etc.

Ah, and make sure you're watching the project if you want to
receive notifications.


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