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Re: Bumping epoch and reusing package name "elisa"

Quoting Aurélien COUDERC <coucouf@coucouf.fr>:
I’m working on packaging Elisa, a modern and simple music player based
on the KDE Frameworks stack. [0][1]

I initially named the package elisa, but such a package already existed in the
archive in the past.

In a similar case, I just renamed the package. There used to be
dino, an "integrated MIDI piano roll editor and sequencer engine",
and there is dino, a "modern XMPP client". I renamed the latter to
"dino-im" (im = instant messaging). All problems solved.

Maybe elisa-music-player? Then it is clear to everyone, that it is
not a reference to Weizenbaums ELIZA, but maybe to "Für Elise"?


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