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Dealing with ci.d.n for package regressions

Hi all,

As I just announced on d-d-a¹, we have enabled autopkgtest usage for
unstable-to-testing migration.

There are a few tricks that I like to share here and now about how to
manipulate ci.d.n in case things needs some attention.

1) the excuses presented at the excuses.html² and e.g. on tracker.d.o³
contain a retrigger link (♻) for regressions. Anybody with a Debian SSO
certificate can follow that link and press the "retry" button on the
presented page. There are more ways to retrigger tests, please read the
API documentation of debci⁴

2) The migration software only adds time if there is regression with
respect to the state in testing. To avoid triggering a huge amount of
unnecessary duplicate tests, it tries to keep track of the state in
testing (updating any failing state to passing state) but it doesn't
handle regressions that land in testing automatically. Therefore, every
package with an autopkgtest should have a test triggered by
"migration-reference/0". One can retrigger this test (look up the
run_id, e.g. in the url of the log) and the migration software will
reset the testing state with the results of this test.

3) Packages that had their autopkgtest triggered before the trick in
point 2 was implemented may be missing the "migration-reference/0"
trigger. Please contact me if you need it. I'll try to check all
packages soon and create these triggers if they are missing. Please
don't use the API to create these tests yourself as that doesn't work.
Only tests originally triggered by the migration software are returned
to it.

4) In the last few weeks and definitely in the upcoming time, I'll be
watching regression closely, and I'll probably retrigger regressions on
a daily basis, so you probably don't really need to do the above.

Some other points:

5) Please report bugs using the bts.

6) I started collecting bugs related to autopkgtest usage for migration
with the debian-ci@lists.debian.org user⁵. If you want to contribute,
please check the wiki⁶.

7) If you want to contact us: debian-ci@lists.debian.org. Obviously we
are always looking for more people to help, so feel free to join the team.

And finally, thanks to all the people that helped and contributed to
make this possible, 5 years after the initial announcement⁷.


¹ https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2018/05/msg00001.html
² https://release.debian.org/britney/update_excuses.html
³ https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/python3.6 (python just being an example
with currently all three flavors of results)
⁴ https://ci.debian.net/doc/file.API.htmlhttps://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?users=debian-ci@lists.debian.orghttps://wiki.debian.org/ContinuousIntegration/bugshttps://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2013/08/msg00006.html

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