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Re: Raising the problem of Debian Single Sign On + Alioth (again)

On Fri, 23 Feb 2018, Enrico Zini wrote:

Hi Enrico,

> > > Are there other ways in stretch of getting apache to authenticate
> > > against gitlab?
> > I would wait for the gsoc project. And on the alioth sprint, several people
> > decided against using salsa as backend for sso, but the other way round. 
> > So please don't.
> Please do not switch Alioth off, nor disable creation of new accounts on
> alioth, until then. Being able to get a SSO certificate as a non-DD is
> currently a required step to become a DD.
Please don't get me wrong, that decision was a team decision done at the
spring (and I didn't even voted for it) - however I stand behind such team
decisions and follow them like they are my own. 

I think I owe you some reasoning. It was decided that relying again on a
service wouldn't be the best idea if the would have to move to some other
solution - the whole fun would start again. We also took into account that
the may be another implementation of a git service. We decided that the best
solution would be another new, authorative backend for guest users and dms,
that can work independently of the service. 

However, I hoped that someone else would take care about that new hypothetic
service/backend. Appearently that wasn't the case, until yesterday noone
expressed interest in *doing* the work. Therefore I decided that I should
take care about it and started the gsoc project (I even applied as admin to
ensure it will really happen). I also invited you to take part in the project
- the response wasn't very enthusiastic. 

I do really hope that we can have a good backend for guestuser and dm
authorisation and authentiction at the end of the summer. Something like
ud-ldap that can serve us for the next years. 

I still hope that you will join us in that mission. 


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