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Re: What can Debian do to provide complex applications to its users?

 ❦ 19 février 2018 22:59 GMT, Craig Small <csmall@dropbear.xyz> :

>> >> a bit like backports that are not security supported
>> >> either.
>> >
>> > this is now the 2nd mail within 24h were you claim this *wrongly*.
>> >
>> > backports are (supposed to be) getting security support. if you dont do
>> > this for your backports, you shouldnt have upload rights.
>> From https://backports.debian.org/FAQ/:
>> Q: Is there security support for packages from backports.debian.org?
>> A: Unfortunately not. This is done on a best effort basis by the people
>> who track the package
> This looks like a language confusion. There is no security *team* support
> but there is security *package updates* by the individual maintainers.

I don't see where is the confusion. There is no security support. It's
written verbatim. This doesn't mean there is no security update, but
these updates are pushed on a best effort basis.

Moreover, backports do not accept security patches. You can only push a
version in testing (or unstable). Notably, if the version in testing is
not easily backportable (because of new dependencies), you may wait
quite some time before you get a security update.
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