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Re: Updating the Maintainer field in preparation for Alioth's shutdown?


On Fri, 19 Jan 2018, Jeremy Bicha wrote:
> 3. If a team manages to get a lists.debian.org address, it's
> recommended that they switch the Maintainer fields in their packages
> from the Alioth list address to that address, right?

It depends on your choice. But I would not recommend this. I would largely
prefer if teams relied on tracker.debian.org to get all the automated
mails, that way lists on lists.debian.org contain only generic

> 4. There may eventually be a tracker.debian.org team contact service
> that might be a better fit for the Maintainer field than
> lists.debian.org but that isn't expected before the deadline, right?

Yes, you can put team+<team-slug>@tracker.debian.org in your Maintainers

eg. team+pkg-security@tracker.debian.org for https://tracker.debian.org/teams/pkg-security/

It's possible to use this right now (it will not generate any bounce) but
direct mails to those team addresses are not yet forwarded to team

But all packages with such maintainer emails will automatically be added
to the list of packages maintained by the corresponding team and thus all
team subscribers on tracker.debian.org will automatically get the
associated mails (unless they muted the team).

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