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Re: Switching to sysvinit-core fails miserably in buster/sid

On Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 06:46:06PM +0200, Daniel Reichelt wrote:
> Hi *,
> for development purposes I frequently create xen-vms via
> xen-create-image (jessie, stretch, buster, sid - each in 32 and 64bit)
> on a stretch Dom0. In a custom role script for xen-tools, I install
> sysvinit-core. (For non-users of xen-tools: this happens after
> debootstrap has completed.) Until a few weeks ago, this used to be
> enough and everything worked just fine.
> Now, after sysvinit-core is installed, init scripts don't get enabled
> (i.e. S* symlinks are missing in /etc/rc?.d), which leaves a big
> mess of things as not even networking or ssh are enabled.

It's about sysv-rc, not sysvinit-core; init doesn't matter at all for "init"
scripts -- it's the rc system what does, be it sysv-rc, openrc or
.service-less systemd.  And those indeed have different ways of marking a
particular daemon as enabled or disabled.

This is done by "init-system-helpers" whose job is to record this setting
and set it up even in case a different rc system is installed later, like in
your case.

> It seems to me, this happens to init scripts of packages which were
> installed prior to sysvinit-core. I have yet to work out the details of
> this time-dependency, i.e.
> - whether it's sufficient that sysvinit-core gets processed prior to a
> init-script-carrying package
> - or if the entire run of dpkg installing sysvinit-core has to finish,
> and init scripts get processed correctly only if they're installed
> during a subsequent invocation of dpkg.

I've checked what happens for completely independent runs: on stretch, all
is ok, no matter the order.  On current unstable, update-rc.d must be run
only after getting rid of systemd-sysv (not sure if a reboot is needed or

Sounds like this is the culprit:

init-system-helpers (1.50) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Refactor internals of update-rc.d
    - Refactor actions into a sequence of steps according to the installed
      init systems. This makes plugging new init systems or new actions

 -- Felipe Sateler <fsateler@debian.org>  Thu, 12 Oct 2017 20:16:13 -0300

> As a workaround, after sysvinit-core is installed from the role script,
> I therein run
> cd /etc/init.d
> for script in *
> do
> 	update-rc.d "$script" enable
> done

This would turn on every daemon, even those which have been disabled by the

> as well, which I suspect is quite crude and shouldn't be necessary in
> the first place. I don't have the first clue which package I should file
> a bug report against. Any hints appreciated!


Also, same happens when switching to openrc.  (While I installed quite a few
test systems in the last few days, I switch rc systems before installing
daemons, so I didn't notice this myself.)

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