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Switching to sysvinit-core fails miserably in buster/sid

Hi *,

for development purposes I frequently create xen-vms via
xen-create-image (jessie, stretch, buster, sid - each in 32 and 64bit)
on a stretch Dom0. In a custom role script for xen-tools, I install
sysvinit-core. (For non-users of xen-tools: this happens after
debootstrap has completed.) Until a few weeks ago, this used to be
enough and everything worked just fine.

Now, after sysvinit-core is installed, init scripts don't get enabled
(i.e. S* symlinks are missing in /etc/rc?.d), which leaves a big
mess of things as not even networking or ssh are enabled.

It seems to me, this happens to init scripts of packages which were
installed prior to sysvinit-core. I have yet to work out the details of
this time-dependency, i.e.

- whether it's sufficient that sysvinit-core gets processed prior to a
init-script-carrying package

- or if the entire run of dpkg installing sysvinit-core has to finish,
and init scripts get processed correctly only if they're installed
during a subsequent invocation of dpkg.

As a workaround, after sysvinit-core is installed from the role script,
I therein run

cd /etc/init.d
for script in *
	update-rc.d "$script" enable

as well, which I suspect is quite crude and shouldn't be necessary in
the first place. I don't have the first clue which package I should file
a bug report against. Any hints appreciated!



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