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RFP: pgadmin4 -- Web administration tool for PostgreSQL

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

* Package name : pgadmin
* Version : 4
* Upstream Author : Dave Page
* URL : https://www.pgadmin.org
* License : PostgreSQL/Artistic licence https://www.pgadmin.org/licence/
* Description : Web administration tool for PostgreSQL

pgAdmin is the most popular and feature rich Open Source administration and
development platform for PostgreSQL.

pgAdmin 4 is a complete rewrite of pgAdmin3, built using Python and
Javascript/jQuery. A desktop runtime written in C++ with Qt allows it to run
standalone for individual users, or the web application code may be deployed
directly on a webserver for use by one or more users through their web
browser. The software has the look and feel of a desktop application whatever
the runtime environment is, and vastly improves on pgAdmin III with updated
user interface elements, multi-user/web deployment options, dashboards and a
more modern design.

Pgadmin3 is no longer supported by upstream team.
So, we need to build pgadmin4 for debian buster.
I haven't enought skills in web application packaging.
I'm looking for somebody interesting in pgadmin to create this package.

Best regards

Denis Briand

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