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Re: Whether remotely running software is considered "software" for Debian.

On Sun, Aug 27, 2017 at 10:20:27AM +0000, Dr. Bas Wijnen wrote:
> Let me put it differently then: for me, one of the major benefits of Debian
> over (most of) our derivatives is that I can set the system up in a way that
> allows me to live in a free software bubble.  
So you don't update the non-free software in your CPU?

> No free implementation: That's what this discussion is all about.  For all the
> real examples that have been mentioned in this thread (amazon s3, icq), someone
> has noted that there actually is a free implementation of the server software.
Did anyone realy mention a free implementation of the ICQ server?

> Which as far as I understand means everybody agrees (I know I do) that that is
> enough to allow the package in main.
No, we happily had s3cmd in main even before someone found a free server
Not to mention ICQ.


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