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Re: DEP 15: Reserved namespace for DD-approved non-maintainer changes

On Thu, Jun 08, 2017 at 05:41:22AM +0800, Boyuan Yang wrote:
> Just wondering why we need to control the branch name of proposed topic
> branch, or even use a single repo to receive contributions.
> My thought is that all we need is the "Pull Request / Merge Request" feature 
> on Alioth, where random contributors (who might have absolutely no permission 
> anywhere) can create forks (forked repositories) freely and request for review 
> and eventual merge from the forked repo into main repo if necessary. People 
> are much familiar with such workflow similar to GitHub / GitLab's fork-and-
> merge behaviour.

We also want merge requests!  This DEP's implementation should live
alongside those.

Per the DEP:

> it is very useful for a maintainer to know that a change has been
> approved by someone who has been trusted by the project with the
> technical ability to NMU the package

This would be much more cumbersome to achieve with PRs.

Sean Whitton

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