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Re: Too many Recommends (in particular on mail-transport-agent)

On Tue, Jun 06, 2017 at 01:06:03PM -0700, Russ Allbery wrote:
> Adam Borowski <kilobyte@angband.pl> writes:
> > Uhm... could you be please be a bit more civil?
> I apologize; you're right.  I should have been more civil.
> I do have to also add that I found your message considerably less civil
> than how I think you actually intended it.  I found your message rather
> condescending and dismissive of the analysis maintainers have put into
> their package metadata, and confrontational about your personal opinions
> about some widely used software, in a way that felt honestly like you were
> intentionally provoking people.

Indeed, I was once again wise-ass where I should be wise[1] -- at least some
of the remarks were condescending when read literally.  My bad.

> > The issue is systematic, and we have far more than "a few" cases.  The
> > very post you're responding to had 94 of them,
> There were absolutely not 94 real problems on that list.  It was a largely
> unfiltered dump of Recommends of packages on your system.  I would be
> surprised if there were more than 10 real problems there, most of which
> are quite minor in terms of user impact and didn't seem to be to be worth
> the amount of energy that you're putting into this.

I do disagree here, but I'll better pause talking in this thread to let the
heat down.  And, bugs filed today would be forgotten -- while it takes
almost no effort to make a single-word change, once you context switch away
it becomes a part of the backlog and ignored.

> That said, I absolutely welcome bug reports against any of my packages for
> too-broad Recommends

I went through your packages (57 sources, 251 binaries), and found no
issues (I only skimmed through nvidia stuff, though).  So if I'm going to
bark at anyone, it's not at you. :)

> And if there's wording we can change on the Policy side to try to make it
> clearer when Recommends should be used and to head off some of these
> issues

Let's see what other folks have to say.


[1]. Although pabs is taken.
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