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Re: Too many Recommends (in particular on mail-transport-agent)

Quoting Adam Borowski (2017-06-06 15:55:48)
> More seriously, though, let's go through the list of 94 unsatisfied 
> ones on my desktop; the list below is transposed to collate 
> recommendees.
> Categories:
> OK: "Recommends:" looks warranted
> BLOAT: potentially useful but I wouldn't make it a Recommends
> BAD: downgrade please
> TRANSITIVELY BAD: useful for a direct user but not when pulled via a
>     dependency -or- causes this lower in the chain
> bash-completion: bash dput-ng licensecheck
> * DEBATABLE: I like the Tab key to do something reasonable,
>   "bash-completion" means you never know what you'll get.

I don't understand what is debatable here.  Please consider filing a 
bugreport against licensecheck to start that debate (if not here).

> fonts-noto-cjk: fonts-noto
> * BLOAT: unlike greek/runes/etc, you can't learn Chinese hieroglyphs on a
>   whim, thus it's useless for most users.  You may want a _single_ CJK font
>   so you can tell whether a text is in C, J or K but that's it.

The very purpose of Noto fonts is large coverage (no "tofu" chars), and 
the very purpose of "fonts-noto" package specifically is described as 
"Use this package if you want all Noto fonts".  If you disagree with 
that, then avoid fonts-noto altogether, don't try redefine its prupose.

> ghostscript: gimp imagemagick-6.q16 libmagickcore-6.q16-3 netpbm
> * BAD: why would editing images care about a grossly obsolete _document_
>   format?

Because some (most except you, I guess!) don't consider PDF "obsolete".

> gnupg-l10n: gnupg
> * DEBATABLE: I don't think anyone tech skilled enough to use GPG would have
>   problems with English, but localization is important.  On the other hand,
>   this is 4.5MB in the default install.

We should not actively make GnuPG _harder_ for newcomers to use.

> libclass-xsaccessor-perl: libmoo-perl
> * BLOAT: wut?

This and other lib*-xs-perl recommendations are faster implementations 
that you commonly want: An example (exotic!) need for avoiding those is 
when bootstrapping a new architecture.

 - Jonas

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