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What does "freeze" mean?

Dear developers,

I know, debian is now on freeze. But what does this actually mean? 

Does this man, only security fixes are implemented or does this also mean, 
packages, which are buggy are still be fixed.

I am asking, because I filed a bugreport to "uswsusp" (running debian/testing 
i386 on an EEEPC) because resume does not work (hibernation=suspend-to-disk is 
ok, but when I want to resume, it reloads the image from swap, then full 
resets to BIOS again).

Just asking, because this is IMO a bad bug, because it makes hibernation 

However, please note, that the bug could also be in initramfs-tools and the 
kernel itself.

Back to my topic: Does freeze mean, such bugs are fixed after(!) the release of 
next stable debian or does such a bug inhibit the upcoming release?

Thank you for making things clearer. 

I am looking forward to debian/stable!!!

Best regards


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