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Re: Bug#630196: Shotwell publishing plugin status in stretch

On 04/06/17 17:15, Jörg Frings-Fürst wrote:
> Hello Daniel,
> first thanks for your comments.
> Am Sonntag, den 04.06.2017, 12:44 +0200 schrieb Daniel Pocock:
>> Looking at Shotwell in stretch, in the Plugins tab of the
>> Preferences dialog, I see there are extra options now:
>> * Gallery3[1] (although it is not maintained upstream any more),
>> there is an RFP[2] for Debian packaging. * Piwigo[3], which was
>> removed[4] from Debian in 2012
> If a package is not in Debian or unmaintained does not mean that
> the package is no longer used.
> So I think that the functions can remain active unless there are 
> security concerns.

I wasn't suggesting they should not be there, it just appears that
maybe something else has superseded them, maybe somebody else can
comment on them or possible alternatives.

For example, if a user is doing this for the first time and they want
to set up a small Debian server to host photos from Shotwell, should
they try Gallery3 or Piwigo from upstream, should either of those be
avoided for any reason, or should they go for something else?

>> Sadly neither of those is currently in Debian.
>> Does anybody consider them a viable solution or would it be
>> desirable for Shotwell to support another alternative for people
>> who don't want Debian to promote Facebook?
> You are long enough in the OpenSource world that I do not have to
> tell you that for new features fill a request at the upstream.

Before opening an upstream feature request, it is important to
understand what possible solutions the community would prefer, that is
why I CC'd debian-devel on this first.



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