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Re: What does "freeze" mean?

On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 7:49 PM, Hans wrote:

> I know, debian is now on freeze. But what does this actually mean?

These links should help with getting an idea about that:


In practice it means that the release team decides what it means for
any one release. For Debian stretch the freeze progressed like this:

2016-11-05: freeze of all library/toolchain/etc transitions
2016-12-08: increased unstable -> testing migrations to 10 days for all packages
2017-01-07: stopped addition of new packages
2017-01-07: stopped addition of removed packages
2017-02-05: required approval for all changes

> Does this mean, only security fixes are implemented or does this also mean,
> packages, which are buggy are still be fixed.

Security, release-critical and other important bugs are fixed during the freeze.

> I am asking, because I filed a bugreport to "uswsusp" (running debian/testing
> i386 on an EEEPC) because resume does not work (hibernation=suspend-to-disk is
> ok, but when I want to resume, it reloads the image from swap, then full
> resets to BIOS again).

It would have been useful to have included the bug number (#862743)
here. The cause of the bug has not been diagnosed and no patch has
been written to fix it. Both of those have to happen before the bug
can be closed. It is generally better to ask for help on the Debian
user support channels about bugs that do not have a diagnosis yet and
only when the cause has been figured out, then file the bug report.


Please note that the uswsusp shouldn't be needed any more as systemd
handles hibernation IIRC. It is possible that removing uswsusp will
fix the issue for you.

In addition, uswsusp doesn't look well maintained as it hasn't seen an
upload from the maintainers since 2014-11-01 and the primary
maintainer looks missing in action (MIA). Could you please report the
primary maintainer Rodolfo García Peñas (kix) to the MIA team?


> Back to my topic: Does freeze mean, such bugs are fixed after(!) the release of
> next stable debian or does such a bug inhibit the upcoming release?

Bugs like the one you have reported probably qualify for fixing during
the freeze and also for fixing in a stretch point release after the
initial release happens, once the cause has been discovered and a fix
for the issue found.



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